Prostitution in India- A lackadaisical open box!

We state that prostitution is a filthy way of earning income, but by witnessing the crooked condition of unemployment, sex workers have no open doors. By the retrospection of these unfortunate individuals, our nation shouldn’t ignore them, considering their job to be dirty. Agreeing to the fact that prostitution is legal here, under section-377 of the constitution and it’s also legal to sell one’s body to the opposite sex in a privatized shelf under section-7, then why isn’t it legitimate to construct a brothel for the same purpose? In India, companies have crossed a mark of 13 lacks, in which over ninety-two percent of people work from the company itself and others from home due to special reasons. The brothel is a market for prostitutes and hence various firms can participate in it, then why not legalize their construction and bar work from home activities which would be safer?
India is not a land of narrow-minded thinkers in the present century. It is a much more sophisticated aka unadulterated churn of thoughts when it comes to dealing with societal matters. Prostitution centers will have to clear an age limit factor with only licensed people to visit, but while considering the side of sex workers, they’ll not have to roam streets for hours and market an absolute nude picture which craves money. Prostitutes lay on footpaths and streets for long woeful hours under the midst of hopelessness, while unhealthy conditions eat them live. These people could be employees and get paid on their merit, not cheated by unhealthy payers who sometimes provide them with doses of cocaine injected into their veins for the freedom of pay.

The Indian government must learn that opening up brothels wouldn’t drive youths into a wrong direction, but will broaden their mind frames. Use of condoms would add up to another such benefit to these directionless lads. Sexually transmitted diseases could reduce in great numbers of both, staff and customer if these latex goods are used while having intercourse. Wicked thugs fraud poor sex workers by grabbing at the most pleasures of what limited was promised before. This is one of the primary reasons to have brothels because prostitutes would be more than blissful to have a permanent secure shelter on the head than work door to door or on the streets. National Commission for Women (NCW) chairperson Lalitha Kumarmangalam believes that rape victims will no longer visit the gates of courts until the legalization of brothels come into action. This statement of hers is a bit casual and dicey, but if we pressurize on the practicality of chairperson Lalitha, then it’s somehow related. Requesting the government to take this major stride towards India’s developing futur

e can reduce risk and torture of unorganized sex labors. As an employee has the courage to ask for advance pays, a college guy has the guts to ask for condoms from a druggist, why doesn’t the Indian government have the audacity to play this system of work?
History has witnessed a series of duplication by the hands of the Indian parliament. Not in the subject relating development style or even the science field, but of copying lifestyle and culture. Public Display of Affection (PDA) wasn’t so popular in our nation since the last five years, considering adaptation of intimate relationships even in public whose core responsibility goes to international nations. Countries such as The USA and also half of Europe adopts this new market as home. Even China, our nation’s sworn neighbor doesn’t regard an issue with the development of such centers, then why must India say no to this? Indian Culture will not face down criticism by inaugurating shelves for prostitutes; it will mark the nation positive as we respect our people and their jobs.
“Sex workers aren’t slaves if we endorse them impartially.”

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