Types Of Students You Meet In An Engineering College!

The 4 years of engineering life  (can even exceed!)  gives you a chance to meet lots and lots of different types of people, the dancers, philosophers, muggers, intelligent ones, and every other imaginable human type. You might come to a college as an introvert individual but engineering makes sure that when you move out, you emerge as an evolved human being.

So here is a list of five types of students that you are likely to find in an engineering college

1. Obviously, the Muggers!





Looking at this picture, You must have guessed what I am talking about. These people are unaffected by the regular college activities and are mostly found in midst of books or behind faculty to get those questions that matter! And yes, do not expect them to share such confidential stuff with you. They are anti-social and mostly never seen in fests or likely activities.

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