Rs 50 Note Picture Gets Viral! Have A Look

With Modi Ji in the government, you can expect surprises at any hour of the day. Be it making the current currency null and void as a short notice or making the Adhaar card a mandatory document for Indian citizens to bringing GST, he can never be predicted on anything when it comes to surprises for people.

For those of you who are wondering about what he is going to next, here is a story about a 50 Rupee note!

What Is The Matter About?

From the last few days, a picture showing a stack of  Rs 50 Note is getting viral on the internet and is shared on whatsapp, facebook and other social media platform. Here have a look:

The Indian Express

By looking at the image, it instantly seems to be the new currency denomination. however considering the fact that there is top-notch security kept while printing of such notes, it becomes really difficult to believe whether these photos are real or fake.

The picture of the Rs 50 currency stack shows the note is turquoise blue in color, which is very similar to the fake picture of Rs 1000 new note that was viral on WhatsApp recently.

So it is really hard to trust this until something official information comes which indeed came shortly this Friday.

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