Top 5 Indian TV Series To Watch!


Gone are those times when people gathered at 8.30pm and watched typical Ekta Kapoor shows with their families. Indian TV Series in today’s world is something more authentic and astonishing and we Indian’s have adopted this from the Western Culture which is much better than the daily soaps. But what about the ones which have really tried to put on on a good show with a genuine script and direction. Let’s talk about them.

1.Tvf Pitchers


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Tvf pitchers is basically about those Entrepreneurs who struggle to implement their start-ups although having a great plan. The director has shown these challenges in a crisp way by adding some great humor and emotions. The story of these four Entrepreneurs might make you leave your jobs right away!

2.Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai

sarabhai vs sarabhai


Ohh! There comes the perfect Series you want to enjoy with your family containing some clean humor and probably a cast that you should admire. The series basically revolves around an amusing Gujarati family of rich profile living in South Bombay.

3. Tvf Tripling



Wait! You recently divorced with your wife? What would you do if you had a brother who took you on an unplanned ride with your cute married sister finally ending meeting your parents. The series comprises of three characters namely Chanchal, Chandan, and Chitvan who find a new meaning to life on a hilarious journey. The character of Chitvan is hilariously funny and this Indian TV Series highly recommended.

4. Bang Baja Barat


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The series comprises of two lovers completely from different background who meet each other through an online dating app. They finally decide to marry which turns out be a decision they would regret as they get involved in the ethnic Indian traditions of marriage, confused and doubtful as this generation is. Not to mention the last twist!

5. Baked



A midnight food delivery service just to meet the required desires. The web series is about three university flatmates and all the misadventures when they decide to implement this business and land themselves into trouble. The character namely Harris meets this girl Tara and things become more difficult by the ending of series.

So here was a list of some of the good, decently created Indian TV shows that are winning hearts everywhere. Do check them out and treat yourself with some good and amazingly directed stories!



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